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A place of Harmony where we care about your wellbeing and the wellbeing of Nature. Feeding other beings is a big responsibility as by selecting the right food we can improve their health, happiness and the well being of the Earth. We took this responsibility as a mission to inspire others to then also make the right choices.
Why whole food vegan cuisine? Because we don’t want anyone to be harmed in the process and we believe it is providing you with the highest level of energy for your body but also for your mind – allowing your body to function the way it was meant to be: auto healing and auto regulating itself, clearing up your mind and keeping you in an emotional balance state.
We started with food but then realized we wanted to tap into a bigger perspective of Harmony: the connection between people and within people themselves. By sharing passions and by living our passion in everyday life.

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On the process of creating plant based recipes we are also thinking about the ones of you following specific diets. Our menu is designed to suits gluten-free and low-glycemic index diets. For all of you to be able to enjoy delicious and nutritive meals full of colors.

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Sunday Yoga sessions, Stand up Paddle mornings, Cooking Classes, Sound Healing, Beach Pic Nic, discover the planning of our weekly events on our Facebook & Instagram pages

Making nutritional & delicious vegan food is an art and it is also our passion. If you are looking for a laid back beachside cafe with delicious healthy vegan food with gluten free options, then Soul is the place for you. Our team will ensure to make you feel home.

Adelaide Castano
Restaurant Manager, Nutritherapist, Yoga Teacher

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